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Sustainable nursing bras and maternity lingerie

We care for your boobs and for the environment

Nursing wear from Femique is not only designed to fulfill every mother's needs. Femique lingerie also aim to be good for the environment. We aim to provide you with maternity and nursing lingerie of high quality and a sustainable production at the same time.

European supply and high quality production

quality lace in different colours for maternity lingerie and nursing bras

Right from the start we make sure that the materials for our nursing lingerie and tops come from nearby. Since nearly all of our suppliers* are located in Europe we shorten transportation ways. For production we chose a factory in Estonia that takes great pride in their production process and ensures quality. We have visited the factory to ensure they have a good work environment for their employees. Working with them allows us to produce small quantities of our collections. In this way we can make sure that we accommodate the true demand of our products and integrate you in the process. And in this way minimize overproducing big quantities.

One of our goals is to minimize waste. Therefore we only use residual materials - material that factories have on stock. So that we know we will use what we buy. We have spent hours and hours on finding these specific factories that allow us to buy only what we need - preventing mass consumption.

*One of our suppliers is from China. We couldn't find any other supplier for this specific component.

Maternity and nursing lingerie: a long-term investment

Femique's maternity and nursing lingerie are no single-use-product. With the materials high quality, our lingerie will survive many pregnancies and breastfeeding periods. Just invest once and enjoy a happy and healthy feeling during the whole pregnancy and beyond. You know longer have to compromise with the design and comfortability. 

You don't need your nursing bra anymore? No problem. Just pass it on to a future mom - it will still look and feel like new. And the best part: you can send the future mom on a wonderful journey, feeling comfortable and fabulous at the same time - with Femique maternity and nursing lingerie.


We believe that being sustainable is a continuous process - so we keep looking for new ways to improve and opportunities to make the Femique products even better and more eco-friendly.

An example of this is our cooperation with University of Borås where we are part of several of their courses to help us improve and become more eco-friendly. We believe it's important to understand the environmental impact our production cycle have so that we can continue to improve.  

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