Mathilda quit her job and then found out she was pregnant with twins.

Sometimes the best thing in life happens when you're expecting! We have had the privilege to follow Mathilda since last year when she was pregnant with twins and joined our photoshoot. We had a sit down with her then to get her thoughts and what she wants women to know about being pregnant with identical twins.

Who are you?⁠
My name is Mathilda, 28 years old and I am going through my first pregnancy (twins), together with my partner since 8 years back. I am a trained graphic designer and have always had a passion for arts (and sweets. Note, to eat, not bake)⁠

Women pregnant with twins wearing Valeria nursing bra and Amelie hipster panties

Mathilda is wearing Valeria nursing bra in black here and Amelie hipster in black.

How are you? / How have you felt so far?⁠
I feel like it was a long time ago I could answer a simple “good, thank you! to the question: how are you? Instead it was more “good thank you, but…” At least I do not feel nauseous anymore, which I struggled with for about five months. The "golden period" in which you’re supposed to feel amazing in took a while for me arrive. Now I am mostly uncomfortable and feel like there is no space left for me in my own body. But I'm happy for me and my partner to become a big family.⁠

What's something unexpected about you?⁠
I love superhero movies! The interest in the Marvel universe is something I inherited from my father.⁠

What week are you in?⁠
v. 27⁠

How did it felt to resign before you knew you were pregnant? ⁠
After having had a tough year I felt like it was time to move on from my workplace since three years back. So on the first day after the summer holidays I resigned and a month later I found out I was pregnant. Had it happened in reverse order, I might not have dared to take that step, so I'm glad I did. I probably would not have been able to work full time during this period and I would have felt stressed. Having done so meant I had to dig into all the administrative things such as contacting the unemployment insurance fund etc but in the end it was the right decision to make. It has given me a better peace of mind and the opportunity to take better care of myself on this journey.⁠

What is something you want others to know who are pregnant with twins?⁠
I carry identical twins, which counts as a high-risk pregnancy. It means that I go for an ultrasound every two weeks and meetings with my midwife just as often. This can be good to know. However it’s a luxury, for a worried soul like myself, to see them that often and it makes me feel more safe.⁠
Thank you so much for sharing Mathilda❤️

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