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What's the motherhood journey like for Josefine?

One reason why we love having photoshoots is because we get a chance to see how differently women experience motherhood.⁠ During the following weeks, we'll introduce you to our models, who shared their thoughts with us about this topic.⁠

First out is Josefine - midwife and mother of three❤️⁠

What's motherhood to you?⁠
The first thing that comes to mind is being present while dealing with all the daily challenges that come along with being a mother. Motherhood is also a community of supporting women, the complete opposite of mom shaming.⁠

Is there anything you wish you had known before pregnancy?⁠
The fourth trimester, and how the bodily functions change. Especially the psychological part of it, because those challenges are not talked about so regularly.⁠

When did you notice the first changes in your body during pregnancy? ⁠
It actually took a while before I noticed the changes. However, with the first child it was like always looking for the sign of the first kick. But I was so busy at work, I didn’t have any physical problems, so I can only remember the first kick being the first actual sign.⁠

How do you feel about your body now, after giving birth?⁠
Being severely anorexic, never in a million years would I have thought that I was gonna stand so comfortable in my own skin, that society would call ugly and I feel so super proud. I think that it has to do with actually giving birth. With every child, the proudness just grown about what I can accomplish. Growing a human being and giving birth completely changes the perspective... I look at my daughters and I see that by being proud of my body, I'm setting an example for them. Even if I would have three boys, it would be the same.⁠

Josefine is wearing our Valeria nursing bra in the photo. Click here to get to it.

Mother of three wearing our Valeria nursing bra and panty set

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