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Expert Advice: Choosing the Right Maternity Lingerie Size

Navigating maternity lingerie shopping can be a daunting task with the myriad of changes your body undergoes during pregnancy. Comfort, support, and flexibility are crucial during this transformative time. That's why we have compiled a guide to help you select the perfect maternity lingerie.

Why the Right Size Matters: As your body prepares for motherhood, ensuring that your lingerie fits properly is more important than ever. The right size can:

  • Enhance comfort by preventing chafing and irritation.
  • Provide necessary support to alleviate back and breast pain.
  • Improve posture and circulation with well-distributed support.

How to Measure Your Size Accurately:

  1. Measure Frequently: Your breasts and ribcage will change throughout pregnancy, so measure your underbust and bust to be sure you get the best fit.
  2. Underbust Measurement: Use a measuring tape directly under your breasts to find your band size. Keep the measuring tape quite tight.
  3. Bust Measurement: Measure the fullest part of your breast to determine the cup size. Ensure the tape is snug but not too tight.
  4. Visit our size guide: Click here to go to our size guide that goes through the steps of how to find your size to our lingerie. 

Key Features to Look For:

  • Adjustability: Opt for bras with multiple hook-and-eye closures and adjustable straps to accommodate changes in your body.
  • Fabric: Choose breathable, soft fabrics that stretch, such as cotton or modal blends, to provide comfort and moisture control.
  • Support: Ensure the bra offers good support without underwires, which can compress milk ducts and lead to mastitis.

When to Buy and What to Avoid:

  • Timing: Start looking for maternity bras as soon as you notice discomfort in your regular bras.
  • Avoid Underwires: While they offer support, underwires can be uncomfortable during pregnancy due to the sensitive nature of breast tissue and risk of blocked ducts.

Caring for Your Maternity Lingerie:

  • Washing: Hand wash your bras or put in a washing bag and use a gentle machine cycle to extend their life.
  • Drying: Always air dry to prevent shrinking and maintain the shape of the bra.

It's not just about buying bigger bras; it’s about finding pieces that accommodate and support your body’s specific needs during pregnancy and finding pieces that you love to wear. I didn't find them myself when I was pregnant with my first child and am therefore so happy to provide you with these now. 

My favourite at the moment is our Vienna nursing bra i black


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