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Nursing bras and nursing tops

Feel empowered and celebrate your body's accomplishments.

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Femique Nursing bras and tops

Are you looking for a bra or top you can wear during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Something comfortable and beautiful at the same time?

Feel fabulous with the maternity and nursing lingerie from Femique. Designed in Sweden, made in Europe. High quality lingerie, that celebrates your body and its accomplishments. Our goal is for you to feel amazing and not having to compromise with your lingerie whilst being pregnant or breastfeeding. You have the right to feel fabulous, beautiful and comfortable during this period of your life.

Embrace your beauty and celebrate your body!

Lay back and relax

Never compromise with your lingerie again, we have got you covered!

Maternity/Nursing bras and tops

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Real stories about pregnany and breastfeeding

Femique is not just a brand but a community. We all have different experiences during our pregnancy and as new moms. It can get overwhelming with all the does and don’ts you might hear. We want to help you so we have gathered stories from other moms to share with you. Sometimes it helps to read about other peoples experiences or share your own. Take a look at our storybook, there you can find personal stories from women all over the world.

You want to share your own story?
We would love to get in touch with you and hear your story. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  • Normalize breastfeeding

  • With our lingerie you will want to show them wherever you are.

Normalize breastfeeding

With our lingerie you will want to show them wherever you are.

Reviews: What moms think about Femique

These bras are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever tried. Good support and no rough edges cutting into my skin. I can warmly recommend them

Lisette, mother of 2

As I first tried on the Valeria bra I was amazed by the softness of the lace, the luxurous impression of the design and how much support it provided to my boobs!

Felicia, breastfeeding first child of 8 months.

The Viola top made me feel feminine and beautiful! Soft and comfortable and it fits my slightly more curvy body in a good way!

Siri, 27 weeks pregnant

Finding the perfect bra

During pregnancy/breastfeeding your body and breasts are changing. That's why you need a bra that accommodates your bodys changes, fits perfectly and feels comfortable all the time. Take a look at our size guide or message us directly in our chat to find the ideal size for you.

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Femique: Our Story

Being pregnant and finding comfortable yet beautiful lingerie was a frustrating process for us, both during our pregnancy and when breastfeeding. We therefore decided to help other women and moms by providing you with high quality maternity/nursing bras and tops.

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High quality and sustainable material

We do not just want to provide you with beautiful lingerie. We also focus on two things: your comfort & sustainability. With lace from France, an Oeko-Tex 100 certificate and production in Europe, we guarantee high-quality material and an eco-friendly production. 

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