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  • When you get a shock during pregnancy!

    Hi! My name is Zlata. I was born in Bosnia, raised in Sweden and now living in the Netherlands with my husband and two sons, Isa 8 years and Ale 5 ...
  • Hereditary prematurity

    Real story! 👇🏻⁠

    This week we share Madelene’s journey. Since we spoke to her she’s had her baby 😍 Big congrats! ⁠

    Did you know about hereditary prematurity? Let's hear her story.⁠
  • An update from one of our moms

    Remember @idaemmawiktoria who we spoke to and was overdue 10 days? This was in the beginning of December and we have followed up with her since the...
  • When you decide not to breastfeed

    Time for a story! Here with @idaemmawiktoria who responded to our request when we were looking for more who wanted to share. She was 10 days overdue at the time so we hurried to ask her some questions. Amongst other, the reason why she has decided not to breastfeed this time.
  • When you decide to stop breastfeeding

    It’s story time! Read more about Rebecca’s breastfeeding story and her final word to all moms out there!
  • An unexpected feeling when breastfeeding

    Meet @rebeckaullholm, mother of two, who is sharing this week’s breastfeeding story. She told us what her challenges were and what helped her being...
  • Nursing within different cultures

    @silvanaortega is from Ecuador and lives in Germany. She has three kids and told us about her experience of breastfeeding in Germany vs. Ecuador an...
  • Love/hate relationship to breastfeeding

    It’s time for a breastfeeding story! This week are honored to share @josefinwoodbridge thoughts of nursing her daughter Flora. Read more below to f...
  • Nursing twins

    Ever wondered how you breastfeed twins? ⁠ We did, so in this week “real stories” concept we have spoken to twin mom @denisekeh to find out about he...
  • Start of our real stories concept

    Introducing our real stories concept which means we share someone’s experience of breastfeeding.