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Our story

Femique is a Swedish brand designed to offer you comfortable yet beautiful nursing wear: day bras, night bras and nursing tops. Our nursing wear unites quality testing and prime material with the goal to empower women and normalize breastfeeding.
Femique is not just a brand – it’s a feeling, an identity and a support system.

How it all started

It all began with a one-hour lunch that ended up in 4 hours of brainstorming – just like that they found each other. A perfect match. Yin and Yang. Oh… and by they we mean of course Miriam and Angelique – the founders of Femique.
Femique stands for a feminine brand, celebrating women, always impoved by the ambitious team behind it: Miriam and Angelique: FE + MI + QUE



Together we are stronger

Always playing with the idea of being self-employed and annoyed by the limited breastfeeding bras available – Miriam decided to start her own brand. ‘How hard can it be?’ she said to herself. Turns out, harder than thought. But luckily Miriam met Angelique through a mutual friend. Angelique, who already released her own lingerie collection, was the missing piece – the experienced fashion designer – Miriam had been looking for. Angelique, for her part, found in Miriam the sales and economy expertise that she was missing. Together they complemented each other perfectly.

When Miriam (the excel nerd and planning genius) and Angelique (the designer with an eye for beauty and expertise in prime materials) combined forces in 2019 they were ready to provide you with the best quality nursing wear there is.

From one mother to the other

As moms themselves Miriam and Angelique know what you are going through. They too felt the frustration and disappointment realizing that there aren’t any high quality, beautiful bras for pregnant women and new mothers. Always compromising by settling for the comfortable ones or nicer design but lack of softness and quality.

With the maternity lingerie and nursing bras from Femique we make sure that you don’t have to compromise anymore! Our goal is for you to feel empowered and as beautiful as you are with our nursing wear. Celebrating your body and its accomplishments.

Help us normalizing breastfeeding and share your personal story with us.
You need inspiration? Take a look at our Femique Breastfeeding Stories or follow us on instagram.

We care for your boobs the way you care for your baby – with love!