An unexpected feeling when breastfeeding

Meet @rebeckaullholm, mother of two, who is sharing this week’s breastfeeding story. She told us what her challenges were and what helped her being able to breastfeed. ⁠

Let us dive right in!⁠

How long did you breastfeed?⁠
My daughter for 7.5 months and my son I am still going, 5.5 months now. ⁠

What was your biggest challenge?⁠
My biggest challenge was the feeling of being so tied to my first born when she came. I panicked a bit which I did not expect. But then after a while it got better, and I enjoyed it more. This was also the difference between the first and the second baby. With the second one I never had that feeling, probably because I knew more what to expect. I also valued it more because it was alone time with just the two of us. ⁠

What worked better than you thought?⁠
I use nipple shields as my nipples are too tiny for the baby to latch otherwise. It has worked amazingly. And I am glad that it exists, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed. Something else that worked better than I thought is how convenient it is to always have the food with me. ⁠

In general there are a lot of positive things. I love the cuddling with my baby and it is very convenient when traveling. I’ve breastfed everywhere, the car, bathroom at Ikea, on the beach. But also at home either lying down in bed or sitting up with a nursing pillow. During this time I often take a moment to rest, smell baby hair and look at my phone reading news or respond to messages.⁠

Something you wish you had known?⁠
No one told me that the other boob would leak when I was breastfeeding. I quickly realized and now collect it instead so we can use it another time. But I was surprised first time it happened.⁠

Thank you so much for sharing your story! <3⁠

As always reach out to us if you want to share yours!⁠

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