An update from one of our moms

Remember @idaemmawiktoria who we spoke to and was overdue 10 days? This was in the beginning of December and we have followed up with her since then. She decided not to breastfeed. 

How has it gone and are you happy with your experience?

Everything has gone great! The birth went incredibly fast so I did not have time for any pain relief, which in itself was pretty cool as I felt more present and active in the whole experience than the first time around! I am very happy with my birth and would not want to change anything!

How does it work with the feeding? With the second one you decided not to breastfeed.

The feeding is going really well! Silas is a baby with great suction need so he quickly understood how to do drink from the bottle!

You mentioned that you felt guilty after Henry that you did not breastfeed, did you experience the same feeling this time?

No not at all! I know better this time and do not listen to what other people say! The negativity I encountered when I chose not to breastfeed Henry was so much greater than it has been this time! I love the setup we have now and it's so nice to be able to share the feeding with my partner, which makes him more involved too!

What do you think is different this time around?

I feel so much more secure with my decision this time and know how to deal with people who have questions or who are trying to blame me for my decision. I have more experience and know what works best for us and for my body.

What is your tip to other parents and moms out there?

My best tip is that no matter what people say and how insecure you may be, it is you who knows best. You are the parent of your child and no one else can ever tell you how to take care of your baby. Listen to your gut feeling!


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