Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes, does it ring a bell?⁠ ⁠

It’s a type of diabetes that can develop during pregnancy in women who don’t already have it. Basically the body can’t produce enough insulin while expecting a baby. 

And the last time I was pregnant I had it. Not a lot, which means I could regulate it with finding out what foods my body responded better to and through decreasing stress. But some actually have to take medication for it to help the body as it’s not able to produce enough insulin. You don’t get it from having an unhealthy diet but it’s very much caused because of stress. So, taking the blood sugar test this time around was a milestone for me... And here's how it went!

"Fasting when you are 29 weeks pregnant…if you are pregnant or have been you know how hard this is. And so when the doctor tells you that you are not allowed to eat anything after midnight before coming in at 9am, the day after to do your gestational diabetes test, it creates some worry. Normally I would have had two breakfasts and a coffee by the time it was 9am!

But you somehow manage… Or maybe you don’t… I managed the fasting but got nauseous after drinking the glucose drink. You see, when they test your blood sugar you come in the morning and they take your blood. Then you must drink this glucose drink within 10 min, wait for an hour, do another blood test, wait yet another hour and then do a third and final blood test.

So, it wasn’t the fasting that got me but this glucose drink. It was sweet and first tasted really nice, then the doctor told me it might be a good idea to slow down as some people puke from it. I, of course, thought there would be no issue, but slowed down a bit and continued. Felt ok but then it hit me. I didn’t puke but felt nauseous for the rest. of. the. day… The blood tests were ok, but I guess I’ve gotten used to them by now and the nurse was really good, so didn’t feel as much as it can do. 

Compared to my previous pregnancies, I’ve really tried to balance life in general, focus on nutritious food and to move a bit everyday this time around. So you can imagine the joy when I got the test results the day after and I found out I don’t have it! It was such a win and I feel forever grateful to my body that is working so actively 24/7 creating this baby!"


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