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Start of our real stories concept

Introducing our “real stories” concept...⁠

…which means we share someone’s experience of breastfeeding with you. 

This is such a beautiful picture of @emmamattsson and her baby……it gives such a calm vibe. We know there are different experiences of breastfeeding… it can be really hard! That is why we think you kick ass! For some it’s easy, for some it’s not. ⁠

Emma tells her story in her social media channels (click to read full story) and described that she felt like a food truck (we love that definition by the way as we also can relate to it). As soon as her son made any noise..at all… people around her were quick to suggest it might be time to feed him…again…even though he might just have fed a few moments ago…we can totally relate to this. ⁠

But heck mama, even though you might be feeling like a food truck. You’re awesome! Remember that! Thank you Emma for sharing your story! ⁠

Anyone felt the same?⁠

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