When you get a shock during pregnancy!


My name is Zlata. I was born in Bosnia, raised in Sweden and now living in the Netherlands with my husband and two sons, Isa 8 years and Ale 5 years. Son number three (yes I only give birth to boys - mamas boys 🥰) has due date 7th April and I am already feel ready for this pregnancy to end. At the time of writing this I’m 27 weeks pregnant.

There will be a pretty big age gap between the kids as I was not really ready to continue with a third one directly. The pregnancy and the birth of the second was a nightmare like no other. The only positive thing was that I did not tear as he flew out in 1 minute as he only weighed 2.3 kg. I had a lot of problems with joint, back and pelvis pain during pregnancy and later I suffered from preeclampsia.

Because I was really scared (and still am) to suffer from it again, I simply postponed the decision to have a third child. But last year I realized that I will never be "ready" for it but just have to try and take it as it comes.

In the beginning, everything went as it should during pregnancy. I got pregnant right away and had a little nausea. Nothing special the first few weeks. But pretty soon I started getting back pain, pain basically in the whole pelvic area (sometime around week 20). And now being 27 weeks pregnant I can not sit for long but have to rest as much as possible. Furthermore, I was tested for gestational diabetes and also received a positive answer there, meaning that I have it. This came as a big shock.

I immediately thought that I had eaten too many sweets and cakes and that this was the punishment. But the dietitian said that it has to do with pregnancy hormones and there are women who do everything right when it comes to food and yet they suffer from gestational diabetes. In any case, this is what I’m dealing with right now. What I have to think about? I have to be careful with everything I eat and focus on ingredients with as little sugar as possible and as few carbohydrates as possible. I used to start the day with porridge, banana and milk. But unfortunately I have to cut out the banana for now. 

Regarding breastfeeding, I breastfed my firstborn for 6 months and the second for 5 months. I simply stopped because I had to pump. Maternity leave here in the Netherlands is 16 weeks in total. So you simply have to pump at work and save for later. I felt like a cow and thought it was really hard.

Now with the third, I intend to try to breastfeed. I must say that it was a shock with both first and second how difficult it is to breastfeed. I thought it looked so simple and natural with other moms. Then when I was about to breastfeed, I could not understand why he could not grab the nipple properly and why it hurt so damn much the first month. But I continued and later it obviously went better.

With the second, I thought "easy peasy". But even there I had some difficulties. Therefore now with the third, I know that there is a risk that it may not work but also that I have to give it time. My attitude is to take it as it comes.

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